Let's get to know each other better in a speacial way Ithink about you,baby Each night and day but your always hangin' out With the girl next door you do each others make-up and so much more Fridays for the parties when your parents are gone I think about you,girls How we could get it on Chorus: U&U&Me 2gether we make 3 In perfect harmony Just U&U&Me U&U&Me 2gether we make 3 a perfect fantasy Just U&U&Me (U&U&Me 2gether we make 3) When I think about you,girls it makes me feel so fine And when I call you on the phone i need the party line (What's up ,girls?) Playin spin the bottle kisses sweet as wine I must've won the lotto to hit U&U&I (jackpot!) Chorus (2x) Listen girls, (talking) When you kiss me on my mouth and down my neck all at the same time when you both whisper different things into different ears I can't try to pretend Girlfriends U&U&Me (yea,yea,yea,yea) 2gether we make 3,whoa (U&U&Me) U&U&Me (yea,yea,yea,yea) 2gether we make 3,whoa Chrous(2x) U&U&Me 2gether we make 3,whoa u&u&me yeah (2getehr we make 3) u&u&me