That's When I'll Be Gone

"Thats when i'll be gone" Oh,hey,oh,oh Girl Ithink you really know me But your afraid to trust me Stop doubting my intentions Why Why don't you beleive me There must be something You don't wanna mention I said I shouted from the mountaintop My never ending love,that's what you've got CHROUS: When the sun don't shine And the moon won't glow When the rain don't fall When the wind don't blow When the earth won't spin And standing still Thats when i'll be gone Chorus 2: I ain't goin' nowhere not if you won't be there I ain't goin' nowhere Without you You Your my inspiration the only motivation I have ever needed Dreams You know i've got one baby you &me forever let me just repeat it (hey hey hey) I told you you could always count on me what can i do to get your mind at ease chorus repeats when the rivers dry & the oceans part when there's not 1 beat in a single heart that's when i will stop (STOP!) stop lovin' you that's when i'll be gone I ain't goin' nowhere not if u won't be there i ain't goin' nowhere without you When the stars dissapear thats when i won't be near i knew the day i saw ya id always be there for ya make no mistake baby love is here chorus repeats2x Thats when i'll be gone