Drive In, Drive Out
say, all you sisters and brothers
all matters if i divide us so
our own political words they ponder us so...
this side, that side
right, wrong... driving me back
drive in drive out, i'm leaving
i come back again
i'm leaving...
hell has it's own place, we carry on....
well, everyone sit inside, watch what's going on
well, as you will drive in, and drive us apart.
don't trust words that delight us or
get into my heart... yeah....
ohh ah ah leah ho... i run away, run away
run away guy, run away guy,
run out, run out...
you and me sister, sometimes i feel you figure it all out.
you and me sister, oh, we've got it right.
our differences, differences, mother and in cold life,
why must i steadfast, stand by what i think is right?
oh drive in drive out, i'm leaving
drive in drive out, i'll come back again
drive in drive out, i'm leaving
hell has a place for everyone, it's here: alone.
oh, the devil he's not hiding underground, he's waiting by your front door
well, tv men take you away, rock up your world
too many won't leave you alone, drive you alone
man, when i'm going back again, light in some peace....yeah...