No, No, No Part 2
Wyclef: This is the remix
The jeeps pump this new remix
This is the remix
Radios play it
Chorus: You be sayin'
No no no no no
When it's really
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
(x 4)
Boy I know you want me
I can see it in your eyes
But you keep on frontin'
Why don't you say what's on your mind
'Cause each and everytime
You're near me
You give me signs
But when I ask you "What's the deal?"
You're holdin' it all inside
If you wanna' be with me
You gotta' keep it real
Tell me what's goin' on
Tell me how you feel
Boy I know you want me
Just as much as I want you
So come get my love
All here for you
If you keep actin' this way
You're gonna' lose my love
I ain't got no time to play
You better hurry up
'Cause everytime I come around
And cruise by your way
I see you on the corner
But you don't know what to say
When I walk up to you baby
You seem so shy
What's the problem babe
Never had a girl like I
I can see right through you
And you know you wanna' be mine
So get your act together
'Cause you're runnin' out of time
Everytime I see you
With your boys
You pretend as if
You don't want me
When you get home
You call me on the phone
And tell me
How much you care
Wyclef: Close your eyes shorty
You're guaranteed to be hypnotized
By the remix that Wyclef provide
I don't care 'bout your side
Girl shake your thighs
All I'm tryin' to do
In the hood is stay alive
Make a little money
With Desiny's Child
Thugs hear the song they dance
They go wild like Texas
They movin' like no limit soldiers
They went from a dream
To the young supremes
Sing it girls