We Don't Give A Fuck
[Chorus -2X]
Uhh used to be my dog you was in my left titty
Scream RYDE OR DIE I thought you would die wit me
Found out you a bitch you canít even ryde wit me
Now itís a war you ainít on the side wit me
When it rain, niggaz get wet, stay dry
Donít cross me, I compete the snake eye
Just lost you, left your shadow in the dark
Fucked around it forced me to hit the shadow with a spark
Blew your shit apart, now itís two halves of one nigga
ďLook at himĒ, I said after a few laughs, ďDumb nigga
Stupid is as stupid does cocksucker
And look what being stupid does, get you shot sucker
I let you get too close and you bit me
I suppose it went on for too long you tried to hit me
Thought you was wit me
Well you might as well forget me, cuz from this point on
Itís war, it wonít stop until one of us is gone
Iím still mad at myself for lettin that shit go down
Somebody shoulda told me I was fuckin wit a clown
And I think they found and let.. you.. nigga.. drown
....you know how shit get around
[Chorus - 2X]
Aiyyo X fuck them niggaz, them niggaz ainít your dogs
Better treat like some cats and shake they ass to the floor
Ben seen the foul shit put the guns in him
Lil wanna be you so why you run wit him
Canít trust niggaz no further than you can throw Ďem
You donít wanna murder the niggaz, then you blow Ďem
Your using your style, that make Ďem yo child
Then he shouldnít make a move till he hear it from yo mouth
We donít allow snakes runnin wit dogs
Tell them ainít nothing like a funeral itís gonna be yours
Double R, and I ainít here to start trouble god
But if they wasnít your niggaz I would have been hit Ďem hard
Niggaz look like they phony, sound like they phony
Run around actin like motherfuckerís homies
We all make mistakes, thatís part of the breaks
But you can still call the apes we bringin the duct tape
And the broomstick them bitch-ass niggaz is gettin raped
Know how we ryde, whoever on they side they die
And we ainít tryin to be blind,fuck eye for eye
Cuz we only takin yours, you know the dogs motherfucker
[Chorus - 2X]
There was always something there, but I just couldnít touch it
Wasnít something that would hurt me, so a nigga said ďFuck itĒ
I let it slide, laughed and joked let it ride
And now that you done killed it, Iím glad that it died
Itís aiight, I know where you live, Iím just waitin
Till we knock on your front door, and let you meet Satan
Itís what you get for hatin, fuck you faggot
I never did trust you faggot, Iíll bust you faggot
What you done forgot about the streets is this
Do a grimy nigga like you do a grimy bitch
Just stop fuckin wit him, got no more rap
No more, ďYo whatís up, D?Ē no more that
Be lucky if I donít spit in your face, off a GP
And what? bitch-ass nigga, you canít beat me
Donít take it as a loss, just take it as a lesson
Next time think twice or get iced wit the Wessun