In my dreams the world is - Dark
For the longest time just - Black
No light until the end - Fall
Witness what is hidden
'There are opportunities in life...
For gaining knowledge... and experience'
A grizzly find
Playing on the mind
Let's confusion thrive
Warning her to stay alive
Love letter of lead
Directly from my heart
Will send you straight to hell
Deeper and deeper, look beneath
Find the secrets that lie... lie
Raped in velvet, oh so blue
Time has come unmystify
These outrageous events
Break through the peaceful silence
Into a fragile community
Enters madness, insanity
A season of darkness
No faith in the calm
Nothing but the storm
Now it is dark
Don't you look at me
You have my disease
Inhale the ecstasy
(* See the film 'Blue Velvet' By David Lynch
Freak out and blow your mind!!! *)