If I ... 
Verse One:
Yeah, Brooklyn...Brooklawn
If i...If i...
I came up fast in this crap game they call a rap game wit a damn she's
killin' again from that dame
Now every snake fake-faced O-jig, i'm like, just don't sell me the bridge,i
buy lakes
Friends,even?? chicks i lent shoes, says "she's actin' funny now, oh she
got money now"
Tryin' to do my thing, ya'll, need you on my team, but you aint gon' stop
my dream, or block my cream, i likes things better when you called me
-ings, a year before Rap City, way before Screen Scene, before they knew
who Foxy was, you probably was, the first to keep it real wit all my
secrets concealed, Things got ill the minute i got a deal, and my time got
shorter and you was havin' a daughter, had to stop hop scotch, get up and
run, damn, i wish we were still playin jump
If i could take this back i would, if i could rewind the time to when it
was all good i would,take it back to when we said good-bye,if i...
Verse Two:
My so-called man thinkin' he slick cuz i stay on tall, thought he'd never
get caught tryin' to play on whores, i cried as my keys were scrapin the
car doors, from the trunk, to the hood, ? wheel and the floor, exposed my
vulnerable side, had me open wide, thought you'd forever keep it real,but
you lied, was the first to feel inside, the ill nana had me thirst when you
whispered to me" how it feel mama?"
yeah,but dont hurt it, i like the way you work it, no diggity,dont stopmget
busy, blew up your pager, checked your clothes, duked your house keys,
stole your beeper code, what happened to the mo' and the occasional roses,
massages and the bubble bath, rubbin' my toes as,i realize you was just
misleadin' me, i shoulda known, you left your last chick to be with me
Verse Three:
Mommy dearest tried to prepare us for a lot ahead, you never heard,
preferred to smoke and lie instead, on the 1 on 1, combo told me you'd die
for bread, thats why i spend these nights, cryin in the bed, ya had the
deep dish 6,you said it's over my head, said i'd never understand the
plight of a black man, right, but im tryin to keep you in my life, V.I.A
satellite, talkin to burn outs, soon you had me wallin and you turned me
out, told me bout how to win the code of the streets, luxuries and wealth
untold it was sweet, and one night you asleep after work was chopped up,
felt somehtin' strange in my veins, i popped up, one foot in the house
shoot,flew to the hall, got the cel operator, i knew you was gone...