Someone To Call My Lover
Back on the road again
Feelin' kinda lonely
And looking for the right guy to be mine
Friends say I'm crazy 'cause
Easily I fall in love
You gotta do it different this time
Maybe we'll meet at a bar
He'll drive a funky car
Maybe we'll meet at a club
In fall so deeply in love
He'll tell me I'm the one
And we'll have som much fun
I'll be the firl of his dreams maybe
Alright maybe gonna find him today
I gotta get someone to call my lover
Yeah baby come on
I e yi - lol
I spoil them when I'm in love
Given them what they dream of
Sometimes it's not a good thing
But I'm blind
I love hard with everything
Giving my all
More than they
I'll take my friends' advice this time
I'll do it differently
I e yi
My my
Looking for a guy guy
I don't want him too shy
But he's gotta have the qualities
That I like in a man
Strong, smart, affectionate
He's gotta be all for me
And I'll be too
You see happily