My love for you has got me going crazy
I thought we could possibly maybe
Get together and start something
No other person in this world
Could make me feel like a little shy girl
There's nothing I won't do for you
I'll comfort you be kind to you
And I'll be strength to you
I'll sing to you
Won't cling to you
And everything you do
I'll pamper you
Won't hamper you
From all the things you wanna do
I'll care for you
Make love to you
And I'll be good to you
I'll brighten you
Enlighten you
With every silly mood
I'll fight for you
What's right for you
But all you really gotta know is
Who yeah who I do
I be lovin' who
Yeah who asked who cares about you
I care about you
When I'm around you become such a mess
Your tongue is tied your weak confess
And it makes my spirit fly every time
Your love for me I don't wanna change
Even though you can do and say some crazy things
There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do for you