Trust A Try
Trust not an easy thing you say
Never thought the game of love
This way you'd play
By the things you do
Never thought these things
I would go through with you
Pain trickery and deceit
All the wrongs that you put me through
If you don't wanna say
Still love you anyway
Never do believe my words
When I try telling you my story
Have no reason, still don't trust me
No I'm not a cheat or liar
She brought love
She brought joy
She brought what she brought
You thought you'd never see again
She cheats and lied
Made your cry
Said goodbye
Bodies numb
Think you're never gonna feel again
Then what do you know
You take it slow
Here comes
Things go smooth
But dreams just around bend
Don't blame me for jealousies or insecurities
Please see
'Cause I wouldn't do that to you
(B- section)
Don't smother me (with misery)
Accusing me (of polygamy)
If not the trust (then we have what)
Gotta be strong (oh keep holding on)
Wanna second chance with this love
This romance
Wanna make it last
Forget your past
She hurt you bad
Let's start anew
Yes that means me and you
Gonna make it through
But you must give trust a try
Gotta be strong
With this love
Hold on
Gotta trust in me
And we will see true victory
We'll love with ease
Baby please trust in me
It'll be heavenly
But you must give trust a try
You got burned
You got bruised
You got
So you got a kick outta that
Unhealthy shit
You said to she
You'd please her needs
Whatever it'd be
Still she'd cheat
On her back again for the money
Now leave from it
You grow from it
Get over it
I won't take the blame
So don't
'Cause I ain't having it
Steady given me
The third degree
That's so mean
Don't push me out the door
I wouldn't do that to you
(B- section)