Suicide Freestyle

Ummm, say all that I want to do Is live my life Ummm, but everytime I turn around Another nigga die Niggas catchin' five to ten years ??? knew you Case- Uhhh, uhh, uhh, ever heard of a nigga dyin twice My love is just to live my life Till the Lord decides to out my lights On why? Know why? Niggas ain't prepared to die with me But we all got to die one day Even though the life encaptured me Money, drugs, imprisonment, menages Who will never forgive me, God, for liven For I have sinned Everybody wanna cage me in Don't make no difference cause I'm still here Breathin, can I get a witness? Why not a descedent? Hey Does anybody wanna fuck with me? C'mon just grab your weed my niggas Don't ever doubt your niggas Whats life without my niggas? Ja Rule- Told you my niggas heart to heart We all live from hustlin' to ballin' In crime we fallin' Feds keep a lids peakin' through duvanesians pussy couldn't die yet You'se niggas is reachin' C'mon I'm in the buisness to break niggas And anybody that wanna get it hot from the make niggas Ja Rule ready to kill niggas Bury 'em all Lookin' to lay them down big to small Got the world in awe cause I'm spittin them raw Never seen, never heard before but truly yours I'ma max out on niggas do it 2's to 4's Bang a nigga in the yard and get ready to board Just because a nigga don't give a fuck if weed and henny ducts Till he fall out be nuts Since you give it the touch feel the gun bust to show If you wanted it OHHH! I'll go