The Murderers

Black Child- Word to God Ya know who the fuck this is? Ya know we would kidnap yo kids? Ya know what the fuck we do? Murda bitch niggaz like you For real, all the time Any place, any where Ya'll niggaz can get it Act like ya'll don't know In the world thats ice cold Blacks die slowly Cats snag groupies Gats, and leave you lonely My mama always told me The streets will slow you down Daddy neva showed me How heat will hold me down So now, I rob and steal The shit you fill With a clique that kills Yeah, my shit that real I hustled hard all my life Ran the streets all night My wife always said everything Was gonna be aiight She was right And thats the one reason Why I love her But everything she said Went in one ear and out the other Word to Mother Look at it from a thug point of view When the kids need clothes What a thug gonna do? Hit the streets and hustle Or pick up the heat and bust you I'm tryin to eat like Russell Murda is my hustle you keep chasin yesterday You gonna miss tomorrow Its murda motherfucka We don't bang or rob We take shit Fuck you and yo fake bitch When the eight spit You can feel the hatred Taste it You high right now You aint ready to die right now Before five we'll calm you down You in the charmer now It's drama how A child will shut shit down Killin niggaz for the fuck of it I'll get you touched for chips Fuck that shit and fuck yo wips Fuck you bitch you can just suck my dick (Chorus) If you keep chasin yesterday You gonna miss tomorrow Its murda motherfucka We don't bang or rob We take shit Fuck you and yo fake bitch When the eight spit You can feel the hatred Taste it Its your blood When we show love We murderers (murderers) We throw slugs We hustlers (hustlers) We sell drugs And tell thugs livin it up That there times up Tah Murdah- Yo, Yo I dont give a fuck if you niggaz hate me I drop bodies off where the lakes be But lately, I've been hittin cribs be safe where the cake be I take three to the feds for the love of the dollars And put that hot shit through you and watch you Holla, Holla The same niggaz I roll wit I'ma brawl wit Hold my tanks Run in the bank, and take it all with Playa we flawless Wit nothin to loose Gun buttin and bruisin Niggaz ya'll cant live Funny shit about it Niggaz wanna hit me Forget about it Thug-shit I'm livin Ya'll niggaz spit about it I rob and extort niggaz Two-thirds of my life The other third has been Swingin on cars Chasin the birds If you ever get the urge to come Try for test All in one day you'll get none And lied to rest It's Murda The only code of the ghetto It's Murda Nigga hand me the bezzle And dance with the devil Guns gradually spit Gangsta shit Attractin your bitch Gettin head leaned back in the six I master the chips Nigga I'm tryin to tell you You holdin hammers and nail you Have you were the dogs couldn't smell you (Chorus) Ja Rule- Ja's the motherfuckin problem Any nigga think not I'ma pop 'em Put the lid on niggaz Demand that I spot 'em Who gettin it? I got 'em nigga And go got 'em to the cross in the roads Show them how the guns blow I'm a degenerate nigga Addicted to hydro Pushin four lanes Top down with my eyes closed Got a death wish Money, drugs, and murderin shit What you want with this? We'll kidnap yo kids Clap up yo cribs It's the Murderers What you know that does That kill shit , just because? We them hot niggas Sell more records then roc niggas I'ma lock it down for six months And shock niggas Whats my name? J to A, the R-U-L-E With them hoes That get through more sheets then I's lay, you can't deny me I'm the motherfuckin one Drugs and bitches, like Heron The don be the rule If you hot get priced on your jewels Cop a benz, and 20 inch chrome yo shoes I got nothin to loose But everything to live for Thoroughbred's the man That supply the raw I put my smack down >From N-Y to Chi-town Incorporated Murder spittin them rounds You don't wanna hear how we sound We cop the flame It's Murda And shit gonna change Niggaz... Uh, uh Motherfuckas, understand that Uh, uh We live or die for this here Nigga it's MURDA!! Motha fucka Give it to 'em We'll like that All my murderers!! My dog Fuck the world Ya heard Murder Inc. niggaz