Everything My Heart Desires            
Everthing about you baby 
Come on, yeah, come on 

One kiss, heaven isn't far 
You're everyting my heart desires 
Your love has no missing parts 
It's everything my heart desires 

There ain't no one better 
For me every day and night 
Baby, in my life it's you 
You're my front page story 
Wanna tell the would I'm Iine 
Love with you boy 

Can't believe it's real 
Everything I feel 
Baby it's too hard to conceal 

Repeat Chorus 

I thought I'd be forever 
Searching on an open road 
I had nowhere to go 
So I said a prayer and 
God heard it 
Come and set me free 
Send an angel to me 

And then you appeared 
Everything was clear 
I just can't believe that 
You're here 

The best thing underneath 
The stars you're 
Everything my heart desires 
Don't change stay the way you are 
You're everthing my heart desires 

Everything about you baby 

Repeat Chorus X2 

The first thing underneath the stars 
You're everything my heart desires 
Don't change, stay the way you are 
You're everything my heart desires 
One kiss heaven isn't far 

(Fading Away)