How Much           

(featuring Usher) 

The way I feel for you 
I can't describe 
lt's almost too intense 
To verbalize 
Essentially you're all 
I'm living for 
And basically each day 
I need you more and more 

Have you even been so enamored baby 
That's how much I love you 
All I need in this life, you see 
Is me and my boyfriend 
Have you ever feit lost 
When you know you gotta leave me 
That's how much I love you 

Love is yours and mine 
Till the very end 
Just me and my boyfriend 

Don't underestimate the love in me 
lt's obvious these feelings run so deep 
I fail and fail for you day after day 
Nobody eise could ever take your place 


You don't gotta waste your time and worry 
You don't gotta look for reassurance 
'Cause elearly you're the only one that's getting this and 
Sugar I don't need nobody else 
But you 
And honey I ain't letting go too soon 
Because 1 can't get enough 
Why you asking how much? 
It's more than you can handle baby