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But I'm a Cheerleader (1999)

Megan Williams: I'm a homosexual! I'M A HOMOSEXUAL! I'M A HOMOSEXUAL! I'm a homosexual! Oh my god... they were right. I'm a homo. [cries]

Graham Eaton: You are who you are, the trick is not getting caught! Megan Williams: Then why are you here? Graham Eaton: I got caught.

Joel: You're more than just a sissy. You're nice, and clean, and smart... and sexy and firm and luscious and... Andre: Excuse me! The last thing I need right now is some fruit who's just proved himself straight tellin' my ass how sexy I am!

Graham: I'm Graham and I like girls. A lot.

Megan Williams: Cheers are supposed to be simple, make people feel good. Graham Eaton: Cheers make girls do stupid cartwheels. Orgasms make people feel good.

Hilary Vandermuller: It's really easy to be a prude when you're not attracted to him, isn't it?

Jan: Everyone thinks I'm this big dyke because I wear baggy pants and play sports and I'm not pretty like other girls. But all I really want is a big, fat weiner up my... Andre: Amen, sister.

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