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Jackal, The (1997)

McMurphy: How did you know whose phone to tap? Carter Preston: I didn't. So I tapped everybody's.

Carter Preston: Witherspoon, you by-the-book asshole.

Carter Preston: I wonder if we'll ever know who the hell he was. Declan Mulqueen: We know all we need to. He was evil, he is dead. And he's gone. Nothing more matters.

[After splitting an associate's head with an axe.] Terek Murad: I loved that man like a brother. So I took no joy in that. Imagine what I can do with someone I hate!

Declan Mulqueen: Ms. Koslova, is it? Valentina Koslova: Mm-hmm. Declan Mulqueen: And what would your first name be? Valentina Koslova: Major. Major Koslova.

Declan Mulqueen: A man like this doesn't make mistakes. Valentina Koslova: No? They always make one somewhere. Isn't that how you were caught? Carter Preston: Ouch.

Carter Preston: Major Koslova ends the debate about women in combat as far as I'm concerned. Declan Mulqueen: How's that? Carter Preston: She saved my life and took out Terek's brother. She did it knowing she'd be drawing a death sentence down on her neck. But when we offered to set her up some place else when this is over, you know what she said? The good guys don't hide. Declan Mulqueen: Fierce woman. Carter Preston: In that country, under that system: staggering.

Valentina Koslova: She's Basque, isn't she? Declan Mulqueen: Aye. Valentina Koslova: They say Basques live by the vendetta. If they hate someone it's to the death. It's the same when they love.

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