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Kids (1995)

Telly: Condoms don't work. They either break, or they slip off, or they make your dick shrink. Nah, but you still gotta use em, yo. At least I did once.

Telly: When you are young not much matters, when you find something you like that's all you got.

Telly: Virgins, I love 'em! No skank, no disease, just pure pussy!

Joy: So this is your new girl, huh? Telly: I hope so. For now. Joy: You like 'em kinda young, right? Babies? Telly: I like 'em new. Not like you.

Telly: Fucking is what I love. Take that away, I have nothing.

Cabby: You look like the prom queen. I dated the prom queen when I was your age. She was the first girl I stuck my tongue in.

Casper: I love to fuck men, but you know what, I'm not gay. I just do it for the hell of it.

Kid at the rave: Don't you know tricks are for kids?

Telly: But like, if you deflower a girl man, man, you're the man. No one canever do that again. You're the only one. No one, no one, has the power to do that again. Casper: Right. The way I see it. My outlook on the situation. It's like getting fame, you know what I'm saying? Say you was to die tomorrow right, fifty years from now all the virgins you ever fucked are gonna remember you. Right? They gonna tell their grandkids about that shit.

Jennie: What if you can't make yourself happy? Cabby: Then I don't know. You know what you do then you forget, you block it out... If you want to be happy don't think... if you stutter don't talk.

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