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Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

Sera: You can fuck me in the ass. You can cum on my face. Just keep it out of my hair. I just washed it.

Ben: I came here to drink myself to death. Sera: How long will it take you? Ben: I'd say about three to four weeks.

Sera: Is drinking a way of killing yourself? Ben: Or, is killing myself a way of drinking?

Ben: Look at me... I'm a prickly pear.

Ben Sanderson: I don't know if my wife left me because of my drinking or I started drinking 'cause my wife left me.

Terri: Maybe you shouldn't drink so much. Ben: Maybe I shouldn't breathe so much either.

Sera: Don't you like me, Ben? Ben: Sera... what you don't understand is---no, see, no. You can never, never ask me to stop drinking. Do you understand? Sera: I do. I really do.

Sera: I know a cool place in the desert.

Sera: Included with the rent 'round here is a complimentary blow-job.

Sera: What's up? Ben: I was looking for you tonight. I don't know if you've a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, but I thought maybe we could get some dinner.

Ben: I am a drunk, and you're a hooker. I want you to know I am a person who is totally at ease with this.

Sera: That's nice talk, Ben - keep drinking. Between the 101-proof breath and the occasional bits of drool, some interesting words come out.

Sera: How do you feel? Ben: Like the kling klang king of the rim ram room.

Ben: Giving you money makes me want to come. Sera: Then come.

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