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Loser (2000)

Paul Tannek: Do you think you could turn it down just a skosh? Chris: A skosh? What the hell is that?

Professor Edward Alcott: You know, I have this crazy philosophy that your grades should represent your grasp of the material and not your negotiating skills, which are amazing, by the way.

Adam: You gotta help me. Lisa is all primed but her helpful friend, fat Rita, will take her home unless she gets some action too. Noah: OK, first of all, I'm way too wasted to be operating heavy machinery. And second of all, I got this spinner all G-ed out. She's liquid. Adam: Leave her on the back burner. Take one for the team.

Dora Diamond: I love self-loathing complaint rock you can dance to.

Dora Diamond: Do you have a girlfriend? Paul Tannek: Ex-girlfriend. She lost weight, so she's dating a lot more now.

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