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Memphis Belle (1990)

Luke Sinclair: Fuel gauge is shot. How long can we fly on one engine? Dennis Dearborn: I don't know. I guess we'll find out.

[Rascal has just blown up a fighter] Richard "Rascal" Moore: And your mother, too!

Richard "Rascal" Moore: Uh, we ain't going to Krautville. Our plane's broke. Eugene McVey: No, it's fixed. Richard "Rascal" Moore: Christ, let's go break it.

Clay Busby: Sir, if they found out they'd put my hot dog in a bun and chow down.

Richard "Rascal" Moore: Yeah Luke, why go back to the daily grind of being a lifeguard? Take it easy!

Dennis Dearborn: And if we don't drop these bombs right in the pickle barrel there are going to be a lot of innocent people killed. Luke Sinclair: What's the difference? They're all Nazis!

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