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Mouse Hunt (1997)

Ernie Smuntz: He's Hitler with a tail. He's "The Omen" with whiskers. Even Nostradamus didn't see him coming!

[Quoting his father.] Lars Smuntz: A world without string is chaos.

Ernie Smuntz: I don't think we're dealing with an ordinary mouse.

Lars: I don't believe it. He snapped the trap, ate the olive and left the pit just to mock us! Ernie: I think you're giving him a little too much credit. Mice don't mock. They don't even have a sense of humor. He's not sitting in his little home in a smoking jacket by the fireplace saying "I left the pit!" The explanation is simple. The trap snapped itself, the olive flew off and he ate it. But now that he knows we're here, he won't come within a mile of us. As for me, I don't think we'll be seeing any more of that [sees mouse] MOUSE!

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