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Real Men (1987)

Bob: Are they going to shoot at us? Nick: Probably, Bob. That's what they brought the guns for.

Bob: What are they trying to do? Nick: They're trying to kill me. They know I can't afford a loss like that.

Bob: I didn't know you smoked. Nick: Just after sex, Bob. I'm trying to give it up. Bob: Well, at least you don't smoke that much. Nick: About a pack a day. Bob: That'll kill ya! Nick: Bob, it won't kill ya. But it will make you very sore.

Nick: You've got a sense of humor Bob... I like that in a man. Bob: What do you like in a woman? Nick: Big tits.

Nick: We're as safe here as we are anywhere. Bob: How safe is that? Nick: Oh, not very.

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