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Simple Plan, A (1998)

Jacob Mitchell: I wish somebody else had found that money.

Jacob Mitchell: We don't have anything in common, me and him, except maybe our last name.

Jacob Mitchell: I mean, hell, Hank, I've never even kissed a girl. You know, if me becoming rich is gonna change all that, you know I'm all for it.

Hank Mitchell: Everything goes to sleep.

[Noticing the crows in the trees overhead] Jacob Mitchell: Those things are always waiting for something to die so they can eat it. What a weird job.

Sarah Mitchell: Nobody'd ever believe that you'd be capable of doing what you've done.

Jacob Mitchell: Do you ever feel evil?

Lou Chambers: It's the American Dream in a goddamn gym bag! Hank Mitchell: You work for the American Dream. You don't steal it. Lou Chambers: Then this is even better.

Lou Chambers: What you gonna buy, Jakey boy? Jacob Mitchell: I'm gonna buy me a truck. Lou Chambers: No, fuck that. Get something classy -- Trans-Am! Jacob Mitchell: Yeah, in my wildest fuckin' dreams a Trans-Am!

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