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Under Siege (1992)

Taylor: Johnson, how's the Captain gonna authorize a surprise birthday party for himself?

William Strannix: Let this be a learning experience, gentleman. If you resist we will kill you and the man next to you. Now out of here in an orderly fashion. Now!

William Strannix: Damn, I'm good.

William Strannix: Porky Pig - little red fucker with a mustache.

William Strannix: All my life, Saturday morning cartoons... The best!

Commander Krill: Where are you going? William Strannix: To make Honolulu glow in the dark. Commander Krill: Outstanding!

Jordan Tate: So, what are you, like some special forces guy? Casey Ryback: Nah, I'm just a cook. Jordan Tate: A cook? Casey Ryback: Just a lowly, lowly cook. Jordan Tate: Oh my God, we're gonna die.

Doumer: You're incredible, Ryback. It's a shame you're not cooking for *us*.

Ensign Taylor: We still have a week together. Casey Ryback: I guess that means I won't get to see you go through puberty.

Jordan Tate: I don't like guns. Casey Ryback: I know. Neither do I.

Jordan Tate: You're not a cook. Casey Ryback: Yeah, well... I also cook.

William Strannix: I got tired of coming up with last minute desperate solutions to impossible problems created by other fucking people.

[Commander Krill spits in Ryback's soup.] Commander Krill: A little flavor.

[Strannix is very impressed with Ryback's abilities.] William Strannix: Doumer, Doumer, Doumer. Why didn't you hire this person? I don't know what his price would have been, but it would have been WORTH it.

Casey Ryback: Yeah, but they're expecting me, not all of us. Sailor: All of what? I do laundry. I was ironing during the Gulf War. I ain't cut out for this hero bullshit. Casey Ryback: You're in the Navy, remember? It's not a job, it's an adventure!

William Strannix: OK, Coyote, this is Roadrunner, out. Krill: You're the roadrunner? William Strannix: Yep, never been caught. Meep meep.

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