I'm Holdin' on to Love (to save my life)  

I don't need a shrink to tell me what to think There ain't no missing link in my love life It's alright, I ain't that upright I don't need a psychic 'cause I don't really like it When someone tries to tell me just what my future holds I already know BRIDGE: Your love keeps me alive You're all I need to survive I got you by my side CHORUS: So I'm holdin' on--I'm feelin' strong--baby you're the one For all my life! Yeah I'm holdin' out--there ain't no doubt--I can't live without You all my life! I'm holdin' on to love to save my life I don't need to get all caught up on the net 'cause I'm already set Can't you understand---already got my man No I don't need proof to show me the truth, not even Dr. Ruth Is gonna tell me how I feel--I know our love is real (BRIDGE) (CHORUS) (I'm holdin' on to love to save my life) (BRIDGE) (CHORUS) Save me, save me, save me Save my life