Forever In Your Eyes
Forever in your eyes..
Eyes like fire - burn desire
As we dance away into the night
This attraction - fuels a passion
That's just too strong for us to try and fight
Each moment we're together
I just never want to end
'Cause I could never feel this way again
Chorus :
'Cause nothing else has ever felt so right
To feel your body lying next to mine
As the rhythm of your heart beats through me
All through the night
I never thought I'd ever realize
A love that feels so close to paradise
Boy I could spend my whole life living
Forever in your eyes
Lips so tender - I surrender
Everything I am is yours alone
'Cause when you touch me - All that I see
Are feelings that my heart has never known
You're all I ever dreamed of
You're my every fantasy
Whoever thought an angel could bring heaven here to me
Bridge :
You're the one my heart beats for
You're my everything and more
It's a burnin' love I can't seem to ignore
'Cause all the things I feel inside
Are too strong for me to hide, baby
I need you by my side
'Cause I could live forever in your eyes
Forever in your eyes (repeat until fade)