There You Were
I was countin' down minutes
I was wishin' on the stars
I was prayin' for a sign
And tryin' to beat the odds
I was dreamin' of you
Love before I saw your face
And there you were
Waitin' for that day
Then you reached through the hurricane
When you, baby you called my name
Chorus :
You broke through the storm
And you turned back the night
Baby you are the fire
Burnin' the midnight sky
And your love
Keeps taking me higher
Just when all hope was gone
Where the hero belongs...
There you were
There you were
Must have broken into heaven
Just to roll back the clouds
Were you on a mission
Were you seekin' me out
Was I that one in a million
Was I that one sacred kiss
That you couldn't chance
You just couldn't miss
Then you babe,
You whispered through the silent tears
When you, you swept away all my fears
Bridge :
Standin' in the middle of nowhere
With your arms wide open and you
You were the reason when there was no reason
In my life
You're the reason in my life (you're the reason in my life)
Like the light in the eye of the storm
Tellin' me not to cry anymore (there you were)
Where I watched my whole world fall apart (oh baby)
Shinin' through like on angel from afar (oh, like an angel)
Chorus to fade