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Welcome to our site. Have you ever wondered about your favorite movies and couldn't remember your favorite film quote. There's always that one phrase in every movie that gets you down. Well, this is the premiere movie database site on the internet. With hundred's of different quotes you'll finally learn the words quickly and easily. You can also recommend movie quotes at the following e-mail address, Quotes@Atlyrics.com

Fast & The Furious, Ai, Final Fantasy, Hannibal, Knights Tale, Moulin Rouge, Pearl Harbor, Shrek, The Mummy Returns, Valentine, More..

American Beauty, Dogma, American Pie, Fight Club, The Matrix, Toy Story 2, Payback, Titus, The Insider Magnolia, Blair Witch, Girl Inturupted, Office Space, More

The 1990's
Babe, Bound, Casino, Clerks, Clueless, Contact, Dazed And Confused, Face Off Ghost, Hackers, Hook, In & Out, IQ, JFK, Kundun, Kids, Lolita, Misery, My Girl, Outbreak, Ransom, Scream, Rising Sun, The Flintstones, Biodome, More..

Almost Famous, Castaway, Gladiator, Meet The Parents, Momento, Snatch Traffic, Xmen
, U-571, Unbreakable, More..


Antz, Blade, Dark City, Happiness, Ronin, Rush Hour, Saving Private Ryan, Snake Eyes, Very Bad Things, More..

The 1980's
The Abyss, Aliens, Airplane, Big, Brazil, Die Hard, Et, Fletch, Gremlins, Labyrinth, Top Gun, UHF, Tron, More...

The 1970's
Alien, Carrie, Dirty Harry, Grease, Jaws, Rocky, Star Wars, Taxi Driver, Willy Wonka
Saturday Night Fever, More..

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