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Bio-Dome (1996)

Bud: Excuse me, miss? Did it hurt? Mimi: Did WHAT hurt? Bud: When you fell from heaven. Did it hurt?

Mimi: Where'd you come from? Doyle: My mom and the authorities are still trying to figure that out.

Falkner: What do you guys want out of life? Bud: To die and come back as a leotard.

Monique: Russell, there's beer cans in the trash in the kitchen. There's beer cans in the trash in the bathroom. There's beer cans in the trash in the basement. What does that say? Russell: We're out of beer?

Jen: I don't know you. Doyle: I'm Doyle Johnson, you've seen me naked.

Bud: We have to show the girls that we care about the environment, too. Doyle: Do we? Bud: No.

Doyle: I don't want to have to eat you! Bud: I don't you to eat me either.

Bud: Shaved-down pool nazis oiling up our women and swimming with them in an olympic-sized toilet.

Doyle: Hi, I'm Doyle. Bud: And I'm Bud. Bud, Doyle: And when where not saving the environment, we're thinkin' of you, naked, thigh deep in tofu.

Bud: 'Scuse me miss. Are you tired? Mimi: What? Bud: Are you tired? Mimi: No. Why? Bud: 'Cause you've been running through my mind all day.

Doyle: Miss? If you were yogurt, would you be fruit at the bottom or stirred?

Mimi: By the way Doyle, I've been thinking about that yoghurt thing. Fruit at the bottom, waiting to be stirred.

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