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Bug's Life, A (1998)

Fly: Waiter, I'm in my soup!

P.T. Flea: The streets'll be paved with golden retrievers.

Hopper: First rule of leadership: everything is your fault

Heimlich: I am flying! And from way up here you all look like little ants!

[Francis is being harassed by two flies at the bar.] Francis: Shoo, fly. Don't bother me.

Princess Atta: You see Hopper, Nature has a certain order. The ants pick the food, the ants eat the food, and the grasshoppers leave!

Queen: It's the same every year, they come, they eat, they leave; that's our lot in life. It's not a lot, but it's our life.

[Hanging on to Slim's leg in mid-air.] Flick: You've got to help me, I'm desperate! Slim: Really, I couldn't tell!

P.T. Flea: Ladies, Gentlemen, and larvae of all stages...

[A leaf falls infront of one of the worker ants in the food line.] Worker Ant #1: Oh no! I'm lost! Where's the line? What do I do? Worker Ant #2: Help! Worker Ant #3: We'll be stuck forever! Mr. Soil: Do not panic, do not panic! We are trained professionals! Now, stay calm. We are going around the leaf. Worker Ant #1: Around the leaf! I-I-I don't think we can do that. Mr. Soil: Oh, nonsense. This is nothing compared to the twig of '93!

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