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Cape Fear (1991)

Daniel: If you hang onto the past you die a little each day.

Prison Guard: What about your books? Max Cady: Already read 'em.

Max Cady: Grandaddy used to handle snakes in church, Granny drank strychnine. I guess you could say I had a leg up, genetically speaking.

Max Cady: Counselor, could you be there?

Max Cady: I am like God, and God like me. I am as large as God, He is as small as I. He cannot above me, nor I beneath Him be. Selatius, 17th Century.

Cady: Your mommy's not happy...your daddy's not happy, and you know what? You're not happy.

Claude Kersic: Well, gee golly gosh. I sure am sorry I offended you, you white trash piece of shit.

[Max Cady bares his heavily tattooed body] Lieutenant Elgart: I don't know whether to look at him or read him.

Lieutenant Elgart: Well, pardon me all over the place.

Max Cady: I understand, I'm not your type, too many tattoos. Thing is, there isn't much to do in prison except desecrate your flesh.

Max Cady: Are you my friend? Are you my friend? Claude Kersek: No I'm not your friend. Max Cady: Well, see, I like to plan my comings and goings with friends, so if you're planning my comings and goings I'd call that presumptuous, in fact I'd call it downright rude.

Claude Kersic: You're scared. But that's Ok. I want you to savor that fear. The south was born in fear. Fear of the Indian, fear of the slave, fear of the damn Union. The south has a fine tradition of savoring fear.

Max Cady: It's not necessary to lay a foul tongue on me my friend. I could get upset. Things could get out of hand. Then in self defense, I could do something to you that you would not like, right here.

Max Cady: Every man... every man has to go through hell to reach paradise.

Max Cady: Counselor? You're gonna learn about loss.

Max Cady: You ready to be born again, Miss Bowden?

Max Cady: I'm going to chop you into 42 pieces.

[Max Cady stares at Mrs Bowden] Max Cady: Mmm mmm, hot as a fire craker on the fourth of July.

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