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Coyote Ugly (2000)

Rachel: Hey Lil... do we serve water with our whiskey? Lil: Only water I serve has got barley and hops in it. Hey everybody, do we serve water in this bar? Everybody: HELL NO H2O!

Violet "Jersey" Sanford: Hi. I'm Violet Sanford. I just recently moved to New York and was wondering if you'd give my tape to one of your artists. Management Office Receptionist: Violet, that is so cute! Now lemme tell you about me. My name is Wendy and I first moved to New York when I was 21 to be a dancer, but I broke my big toe and then I got knocked up by this actor who dumped me to join the Peace Corps, so for the last 16 years I been raising my daughter all by myself and then two weeks ago, she tells me that she is a bisexual and that she hates me more than any person on this planet. [chuckles] Now tell me how I can help you, please, because I am dying to make YOUR dreams come true

Kevin O'Donnell: Just for the record, I was only staring at your ass for the first 15 minutes!

Cammie: I'm Cammie, the Russian tease. Violet "Jersey" Sanford: Violet, the Jersey nun. Cammie: We all play our little parts. That one's Rachel, the New York bitch. Only Rachel really is a bitch, and I really am a tease. Lil: Cammie, you can only be a tease if you stop sleepin' around, babe. Cammie: Yeah, I keep forgetting that part!

Girl: Can I ask you something? Lil: What? Girl: What does Coyote Ugly mean? Lil: Did you ever wake up sober after a one night stand, and the person you're next to is lying on your arm, and they're so ugly, you'd rather chew off your arm then risk waking 'em? That's coyote ugly. Girl: My God. Well, why would you name your bar after something like that? Lil: Oh, 'cause Cheers was taken.

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