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Desperado (1995)

El Mariachi: Did I ever thank you for saving my life? Carolina: No. El Mariachi: I will.

Short Bartender: [nervous] You got something in the guitar case? El Mariachi: Yeah. Short Bartender: What? El Mariachi: My guitar.

El Mariachi: I have to go to church. Carolina: What for? El Mariachi: Confess my sins. I'm a sinner.

El Mariachi: It's easier to pull the trigger than play guitar. Easier to destroy than create.

[The mariachi comes back for the guitar-case of weapons that he just threw away] El Mariachi: Just in case. It's a long ride to the next town.

[customers enter a bar littered with corpses] Bucho: Can't you people see that we are fucking closed?!

El Mariachi: It's strange how pulling a trigger is easier than playing the guitar. Destroying something is easier than creating something.

El Mariachi: [praying] Give me the strength to be what I was, and forgive me for what I am.

Tourist Girl: And another thing, your beer tastes like piss. Short Bartender: We know. We piss in it.

El Mariachi: Bless me, Father, for I have just killed quite a few men.

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