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Detroit Rock City (1999)

Trip: Man, this is way better than the first time I got to finger a chick, man.

Guido: Have ya learned your lesson, punk? Hawk: If the lesson is you're a dick with ears and a really bad haircut, yeah, I'd say I've learned my lesson.

Jam: It's a teenage girl walking along the side of the highway. I mean, they, they, they make scary movies that start out like that. Trip: Hey, but, but they make porno movies that start out like that too, man.

Jeremiah "Jam" Bruce: I just lost my virginity in a confessional booth! LORD HAVE MERCY!

Trip: Fuck, it's Elvis!

Christine: Hey, you know what? Disco's so fucking big right now, I wouldn't be suprised if KISS did a disco song. Lex: Man, if there's one thing KISS will never do, it is a bullshit disco song. Jeremiah "Jam" Bruce: No shit man! Trip: Yeah man. Disco blows dogs for quarters man!

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