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Dracula 2000 (2000)

Simon Sheppard: Don't FUCK with an antiques dealer!

Lucy: You had him every night in your dreams and you didn't even share!

Dracula: You made the world in your image. Now I make it in mine.

Lucy: It's even better than chocolate.

Lucy: Do you want a soda? Coffee? Dracula: I don't drink... coffee.

Lucy: I was named after the "Peanuts" character.

Valerie Sharp: I don't wanna die. Dracula: There are worse things than death.

Abraham Van Helsing: Dracula. Not myth. He's real, I assure you.

Solina: You don't build this kind of security without a gold mine to hide.

Dracula: We are so much more complicated than our names.

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