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Enemy At The Gates (2000)

Nikita Khrushchev: Vodka is a luxury we have. Caviar is a luxury we have. Time is not.

General Friedrich von Paulus: How are you going to go about finding this young Russian? Major Erwin Koning: I'll fix it so that he is the one who finds me.

Danilov: We have you been? we've been looking all over for you. Vassili: Oh, did you hear? I was dead. At least, Noble Sniper Zeitsev, Vassili was dead.

Khrushchev: You won't give up the bridge! I don't care if you lost half your men. Lose the other half! Lose yourself!

Major Konig: He isn't dead and do you know why? Because I haven't killed him yet.

Vasilli: He shot him on the run, it was an impossible shot. Danliv: Vassili... Vasilli: You've promised people a victory I can't deliver. I don't stand a chance aganist this man.

Vasilli: On the train, coming here, you were the same girl. You were reading and you fell asleep. Oh, I didn't dare look at you, you were so beautiful, and afterwards I couldn't stop thinking about you, it made me smile. When I thought of all the men who would get to hold you, it made me laugh. And now I'm the one lying next to you.

Khrushchev: Write it then -- "Vasilli Zaitsev is *not* dead. This is what he had for breakfast this morning, here's a picture of him reading today's newspaper." You're the poet.

Major Konig: Once again, he knew exactly where to find me. Don't you think that's strange? Apart from me, only you knew.

Vasilli: In the forest, the wolf lives for 5 years and the donkey for 9. Tania: That must be a proverb from the Urals, it makes no sense to me. Vasilli: The donkey lives longer because he's more useful. Tania: There aren't any donkeys in the forest, you made it up.

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