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Evita (1996)

Eva: I already know what cooks, how the dirty city feels and looks. I tasted it last night... didn't I?

Eva Peron: Tired of a government that no longer gives us the things we deserve?

Cinema Manager: It is my sad duty to inform you that Eva Peron, spiritual leader of the nation, entered immortality this evening.

Che: Hang your head, because she is no longer there, to shine, to dazzle or betray.

Che: How she lived. How she shone. But how soon the lights were gone.

Peron: Eva, you are dying. Eva: So what happens now? Where am I going to? Peron: Don't ask anymore.

Che: She had her moments. She had some style.

Eva: Just listen to that! The voice of Argentina! We are ADORED! We are LOVED!

Eva: Put me down for a lifetime of success. Give me credit, I'll find ways of paying.

Che: Who did you sleep... dine with yesterday?

Eva: What is the good of the strongest heart in a body that's falling apart? A serious flaw.

Eva: Sometimes it's very difficult to keep momentum when it's you that you are following.

Eva Peron: Don't cry for me, Argentina.

Eva: But you really should know, I'd be good for you...I'd be surprisingly good for you.

Eva: High flying adored, that's good to hear but unimportant. My story's quite usual, local girl makes good weds famous man! I was slap in the right place at the perfect time. Filled a gap I was lucky, but one thing I'll say for me, no one else can fill it like I can!

Eva Peron: And as for fortune, and as for fame... I never invited them in, though it seemed to the world they were all I desired.

Eva: Did you hear that? They called me a whore! They actually called me a whore! Italian Admiral: But Segnora Peron, it's an easy mistake. I'm still called an admiral, though I gave up the sea long ago.

Eva Peron: I'm their savior, that's what they call me, so Lauren Bacall me.

Eva Peron: Your act hasn't changed much. Agustin Magaldi: Neither has yours.

Che: Okay, she couldn't act... but she had the right friends, and we all know a career depends on knowing the right fella to be stellar!

Che: You let down your people, Evita! You were supposed to have been immortal. That's all they wanted. Not much to ask for. But in the end you could not deliver.

Che: Sing you fools but you got it wrong. Enjoy your prayers because you haven't got long. Your queen is dead. Your king is threw. She's not coming back to you. Show business kept us all alive since 17 October 1945 but the star has gone, the glamour's worn thin. That's a pretty bad state for a state to be in. Instead of government we had a stage. Instead of ideas, a prima donna's rage!! Instead of help, we were given a crowd. She didn't say much but she said it loud.

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