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Happiness (1998)

Allen: Pussy... need pussy.

Helen Jordan: I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you. Joy Jordan: But I'm not laughing.

Diane: I want kids that love me as much as I hated my mother.

Helen: It's just I'm... I'm so tired of being admired all the time. All these men I mean... they're all beautiful, artistic minds, great sex, the whole package, but hollow, you know what I mean? I feel nobody's really honest with me. Nobody wants me for me.

Helen: Y'know, people are always putting New Jersey down. None of my friends can believe I live here. But that's because they don't get it: I'm living in a state of irony.

Trish: How come no matter how much you treat me like shit, I can't help loving you even more?

Joe: What do you think would happen if I got him a professional... you know... Bill: A professional? Joe: Hooker. You know, the kind that can teach things... first-timers, you know... break him in. Bill: But Joe, he's 11. Joe: You're right, you're right. It's too late.

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