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I.Q. (1994)

Boris Podolsky: James! How's the rat business? James Moreland: Well, actually it's mostly students I'm experimenting on now. Kurt Godel: My God, the mazes must be enormous.

[Showing Ed Walters a four-in-one pen] Louis Bamberger: Look at that--red, green, black! It's like having four pens in one! What a wonderful time to be alive, eh?

Albert Einstein: Are you thinking what I am thinking? Ed Walters: Well what would be the odds of that happening?

Albert Einstein: Algae? This is a color?

Albert: Don't let your brain interfere with your heart.

Catherine Boyd: I need to call a phone. Can I use your cab? Ed Walters: There's a cab in the office.

Ed Walters: It was like death... but in a good way.

Catherine Boyd: You took Albert Einstein for a ride on that thing? Ed Walters: Sure. Catherine Boyd: Well don't ever do that again! Ed Walters: Come on. He loved it. He went "Wahoo." Catherine Boyd: Wahoo? Ed Walters: When's the last time he said "Wahoo"? Catherine Boyd: Well I'm sure I don't know. Ed Walters: When's the last time *you* said Wahoo? Catherine Boyd: Well I'm *sure* I don't know.

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