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Joy Luck Club, The (1993)

Ted: I always knew you were a jerk, but, shit, this is the first time in my life I've been ashamed of you. Mrs. Jordan: How dare you use that language. I think you'd better apologize right now. Ted: I'm sorry Mom, you made a fucking asshole out of yourself in front of the woman I love!

Ying Ying: Do you know what you want? I mean, from him? Lena: Respect. Tenderness. Ying Ying: Then tell him now. And leave this lopsided house. Do not come back until he give you those things, with both hands open.

Suyuan: That bad crab, only you try to take it. Everybody else wants best quality. You, you thinking different. Waverly took best quality crab. You took worst. Because you have best quality heart.

Rose: I *like* being tragic, Ma. I learned it from you.

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