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Paper, The (1994)

Alicia Clark: Ugh, the guy smashes his train, and then steps over bodies to go have a few beers? Henry Hackett: What do you do after you step over bodies? Alicia Clark: I have a cigarette and go to sleep.

[Henry Hackett is drinking a can of soda for breakfast.] Martha Hackett: Why don't you just pour battery acid down your throat? Henry Hackett: No caffeine.

McDougal: Henry, why do you have me doing all this grunt work? I'm a columnist! Henry: You're not a columnist. You're a reporter who writes long.

Henry Hackett: When did you become so paranoid? McDougal: When they started plotting against me.

Phil: Oh, Bernie, cut it out with the smoke. You know the doctor found nicotine in my urine again? Bernie White: Then stop stickin' your dick in my ashtray.

Henry Hackett: Oh yeah? Well guess fuckin' what? I don't really fuckin' care. You wanna know fuckin' why? Because I don't live in the fuckin' world, I live in New York City! So go fuck yourself.

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