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Perfect Storm, The (2000)

Bobby Shatford: I got a woman who I can't stand to be two feet away from. Captain Billy Tyne: Congratulations. Bobby Shatford: Then again, I love to fish. Captain Billy Tyne: Son, you've got a problem.

Irene: So what does "Bugsy" stand for, anyway? Mike "Bugsy" Moran: Michael. Irene: That's a beautiful name. Why don't you use it? Mike "Bugsy" Moran: Because people know me as Bugsy.

Captain Billy Tyne: Bugs, how you making out? Mike "Bugsy" Moran: I'm not. I don't know. Maybe I smell like fish. Captain Billy Tyne: Maybe you need a new deodorant. Mike "Bugsy" Moran: Maybe I need a new face.

Captain Billy Tyne: I always find the fish. Always!

Linda Greenlaw: I saw your guys loading bait. You doing a turnaround? Captain Billy Tyne: No rest for the weary. Linda Greenlaw: There you go. Flaunting your work ethic. Captain Billy Tyne: I don't have a work ethic. I just have work. ...If I'm going to catch up to you.

Bobby: So, what are you so happy about? Captain Billy Tyne: You just caught me on a good night. I'm doing what I was made to do -- and I've got a feeling I'm going to do it even better this time.

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