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Phenomenon (1996)

George Malley: Now, uh... he didn't say how long. Lace Pennamin: Days, or weeks... they don't, they don't know. George Malley: I'm so sorry, Lace. I know how you hate surprises. Lace Pennamin: I tried so hard not to love you. George Malley: How'd you make out? Lace Pennamin: Terrible. [they chuckle] George Malley: Hey, would you, uh, love me the rest of my life? Lace Pennamin: No. I'm gonna love you for the rest of mine.

Lace Pennamin: Are you expecting to get lucky? George Malley: Naah... just hoping.

George Malley: This is good, Lace. I think you're a good cook. Lace Pennamin: No, I'm not. I only make two things pretty well: pork chops and, um, turkey. George Malley: Hm. Which is this?

Bonnie: George Malley! You learned the Portuguese language in 20 minutes?! George Malley: Not all of it.

Doc: Let's see, uh... George... George... there's a tumor in your brain, that's spread out like a hand, threads of it, you know, everywhere. But instead of dysfunction -- now here's the mystery, George. Instead of destroying brain function, so far it's been stimulating it. We can't understand that. You have more area of active brain use than anybody ever tested -- ever -- because of those tentacles. I mean, we've seen tumors like this before, it's called astrocytoma. And it explains, uh, the dizziness, and... the illusion of light. But the way it's in there, waking up areas of the brain, it's a... big mystery. So... George Malley: And it's killing me.

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