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Popeye (1980)

Poopdeck Pappy: You're casking shadows on Poopdeck Pappy, father to the shark, pride of the pacifery, cousin to the killer whale, and uncle to the octupussy!

Popeye: They've got me Olive Oyl and Swee'Pea. Poopdeck Pappy: Olive Oyl? Swee'Pea? What are you doing? Making a salad?

Popeye: Where ain't they? Wimpy: They ain't on the commodore's boat. Popeye: That's where they ain't? Well if that's where they ain't, I'll prove to you that that's where they ain't.

Popeye: [to Swee'pea, entering a gambling den] Oh no, ya don'ts wanna go in there, ya could catch one a dem venerable diseases!

Popeye: [To a photo of his Pappy] Poppa. Next Wednesday's our annualversity.

Popeye: Another thing I got is a sense of humiligration. Now maybe one of you swabs can fool your intelligence, and sees that I'm asking you for an apolgicky.

Bluto: So you don't like spinach? Popeye: I hates it.

Poopdeck Pappy: Children. They're just smaller versions of us you know, but I'm not so crazy about me in the first place, so why would I want one of them?

Poopdeck Pappy: Eat that spinach! Popeye: I don't wanna! I don't wanna! Waaaaah! Waaaaah! Poopdeck Pappy: You disobedient brat! You was disobedient when you was two and you're still disobedient now!

Poopdeck Pappy: Children. They cry at you when they're young, they yell at you when they're older, they borrows from you when they's middle-aged and they leave you alone to die. Without even paying you back.

Popeye: We got the same bulgy arms. Poopdeck Pappy: No resemblence. Popeye: We got the same squinky eye. Poopdeck Pappy: What squinky eye? Popeye: We even got the same pipe, Pap. Poopdeck Pappy: You ijit, you can't inherit a pipe!

[Repeated line] Cole Oyl: You owe me an apology!

Poopdeck Pappy: It is an octupussy!

Popeye: If I was gonna be Swee'Pea's mother, I should've at least let Olive be his father. Or viska versa. I ain't man enough to be no mother.

Nana Oyl: Oh my stars and gardens my mind was a million miles away, come in before you catch your death of mud. Popeye: Mud? [Reads name on mailbox.] Oyl, that explains it, she's down a quart.

Nana Oyl: Olive will you show Mister, um... Popeye: Popeye. Nana Oyl: Mr. Eye the spare room?

Olive Oyl: You won a hundred and fifty samoleans? Wimpy: You know how many hamburgers that is?

Popeye: I oughta busk you right in the mush!

Poopdeck Pappy: Children. You give them everything they want. Give them candy and a lot of toys and what do you get in return? You get a lot of noise: Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah, my poppa's a mean old man.

Popeye: What am I? A barnicle on the dinghy of life? What am I? I ain't no physicist but I knows what matters. What am I? Some kind of judge or lawyers? Maybe not, but I knows what law suits me. What am I? I'm Popeye the Sailor!

Popeye: Bluto! Even though you're bigger than me, you can't win, 'cause you're bad, and the good always wins over the bad!

Bluto: [singing] I'm mean. I had a dream, of beating myself up. 'Broke my nose, broke my hands, I wrestled myself to the ground and then, I choked myself to death and broke the choke, and woke up. Aaaarrrrrrgh!!!! I'm mean! I sure am mean. I'm so damn mean! I'm mean!

Poopdeck Pappy: I never seen anything like this before in me life, talking to your poor old father like that, you disobedient brat. You're spoiled. That's what you are, spoiled.

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