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Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

[Robin has been knocked down once by John Little] Robin of Locksley: Any suggestions? Azeem: Get up. Move faster. Robin of Locksley: Move faster. Great idea.

[Talking about how many men that are about to be ambushed] Robin of Locksley: How many? Azeem: 20. Robin of Locksley: 20? Bull: [further away] How many? Robin of Locksley: 5! Robin of Locksley: [to Azeem] He can't count anyway.

Friar Tuck: This is grain, which any fool can eat, but for which the Lord intended a more divine means of consumption. Let us give praise to our maker and glory to his bounty by learning about... BEER!

Azeem: Salaam, little one. Small Girl: Did God paint you? Azeem: Did God paint me? [laughs] For certain. Small Girl: Why? Azeem: Because Allah loves wondrous varieties.

Maid Marian: Men speak conveniently of love when it serves their purpose, and when it doesn't, it is a burden to them.

Friar Tuck: Let us open a bottle and do our best to save each other's souls. Azeem: Alas, I am not permitted. Friar Tuck: Fine then, you talk, I'll drink.

[Robbing a lady in a carriage.] Robin of Locksley: Milady, a woman of your beauty has no need for such... decorations.

Maid Marian: Men speak conveniently of love when it serves their purpose.

[After causing Robin to fall in the river] Will Scarlett: There was a rich man from Nottingham who tried to cross a river. What a dope, he tripped on a rope. Now look at him shiver. Beg for mercy rich boy!

Azeem: I once heard a wise man say there are no perfect men. Only perfect intentions.

[The Sheriff has said he'll cut out Robin Hood's heart with a spoon] Guy of Gisbourne: Why a spoon, cousin? Why not an axe? Sheriff: Because it's DULL, you twit, it'll hurt more! }

Azeem: The hospitality in this country is as warm as the weather.

Azeem: Where I come from, we talk to our women. We do not drug them with plants. -

Sheriff of Nottingham: [to a wench] You! My room. 10:30 tonight. Sheriff of Nottingham: [to another wench] You! 10:45... And bring a friend.

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