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Rob Roy (1995)

Rob: If it's a boy, call him Robert. If it be a lass, name her after my love, Mary McGregor.

Archibald Cunningham: Love is a dung hill and I am but a cock that climbs atop it to crow.

Cunningham: Think of yourself a scabbard, Mistress McGregor, and I the sword. And a fine fit you were, too. Mary: I will think on you dead, until my husband makes you so. And then I will think on you no more.

Archibald Cunningham: Your wife was much sweeter forced than many are willing.

Duke of Argyll: Another one of your "likely lads"? Or are you a buggerer of boys? Archibald Cunningham: It has been months since I last buggered a boy, though I thought him a girl at the point of entry. Duke of Argyll: Will, do you hear this? Apparently Mr. Cunningham has trouble telling the difference between arse and quim, what say you to that? Will Guthrie: I've heard many Englishmen have the same problem.

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