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Saint, The (1997)

Simon Templar: The worst part about being you is pretending to be so bad in bed.

Simon Templar: If you think that by giving cold fusion to the world and giving up unimaginable wealth you'll make us happy, you're right.

Emma Russell: Who are you? Simon Templar: Nobody has a clue. Least of all me.

[Simon prepares to pick the lock on the door of a Russian government building, only to find it unlocked.] Simon: I love this country.

Simon: Tell me you love me. Emma: I love you. Simon: Simon. Emma: I love you Simon. Simon: Miracle three.

Dr. Emma Russell: You're not Martin. Simon Templar: No. Dr. Emma Russell: What is your name? Simon Templar: I don't have a name. Dr. Emma Russell: Sad. Will you have a name when we get home? Simon Templar: I don't have a home.

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