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Shanghai Noon (2000)

Chon Wang: He took the gold. Roy O'Bannon: Is that all you care about, the gold? Shame on you.

Roy O'Bannon: Now I'm gonna have to get rid of my cowboy name, it just won't work anymore. My real name's Wyatt Earp.

Roy O'Bannon: We're not pinatas, we're men!

Roy O'Bannon: You've lost your "winging it" privileges!

Roy O'Bannon: I may not know karate, but I know crazy.

Princess Pei Pei: Father, is this my husband-to-be? He's a toad. If the Emperor is so fond of him, why doesn't he marry him?

Medicine Man: Don't worry, it could be worse -- he could be a white guy.

Chon Wang: Why don't I pretend I'm sick, and then you can attack them when they come in? Roy O'Bannon: Oh, does the sick prisoner routine still work in China? 'Cause here, it's been done to death.

Chon Wang: See! I told you it would work! Roy O'Bannon: No, you said "wet shirt not break," not "piss shirt bend bar"!

Roy O'Bannon: Ooooh... who's the pretty lady? Chon Wang: That's my wife! Roy O'Bannon: How long you been in this country? Chon Wang: Four days. Roy O'Bannon: Nice work.

Roy O'Bannon: My name's Roy O'Bannon. Chon Wang: Chon Wang. Roy O'Bannon: "John Wayne"? That's a terrible cowboy name. That's not going to work. And neither is the ponytail.

Marshall Van Cleef: How about that? It's a Mexican standoff. Only we ain't got no Mexicans.

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