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Shawshank Redemption, The (1994)

Captain Hadley: [to Andrew Dufresne] You're gonna look real funny sucking my dick with no teeth.

Red: [narrating] You could argue he'd done it to curry favor with the guards. Or, maybe make a few friends among us cons. Me, I think he did it just to feel normal again, if only for a short while.

Red: Makin' yourself some friends, Andy. Andy: I wouldn't say "friends". I'm a convicted murderer who provides sound financial planning.

Warden: He vanished like a fart in the wind.

[Red places his bet on Andy.] Red: That tall drink of water with the silver spoon up his ass.

Red: [narrating] Prison life consists of routine, and then more routine.

[Andy after Warden Norton refuse to appeal his case.] Andy Dufresne: It's my life. Don't you understand? IT'S MY LIFE!

Warden Samuel Norton: I believe in two things: discipline and the Bible. Here you'll receive both. Put your trust in the Lord; your ass belongs to me. Welcome to Shawshank.

Red: [narating] I must admit I didn't think much of Andy first time I laid eyes on him; looked like a stiff breeze would blow him over. That was my first impression of the man.

Brooks: Easy peasy japanesey.

Hadley: If I hear so much as a mouse fart in here I swear by God and sonny Jesus you will all visit the infirmary. Every last motherfucker in here.

Prosecutor: And that also is very convenient, isn't it, Mr. Dufresne? Andy Dufresne: Since I am innocent of this crime, I find it decidedly INCONVENIENT that the gun was never found.

Hadley: The government reaches inside your shirt and squeezes until your tit turns purple.

Hadley: What is your malfunction, you fat barrel of monkey spunk?

Red: Let me tell you something my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.

Red: These walls are kind of funny. First you hate 'em, then you get used to 'em. Enough time passes, gets so you depend on them. That's institutionalized. They send you here for life, that's exactly what they take. The part that counts, anyways

Red: [narrating] His first night in the joint, Andy Dufresne cost me two packs of cigarettes. He never made a sound.

[On Red's harmonica playing.] Andy Dufresne: Here's where it makes the most sense. You need it so you don't forget. Forget that there are places in the world that aren't made out of stone. That there's a - there's a - there's something inside that's yours, that they can't touch.

Andy Dufresne: That's the beauty of music. They can't take that away from you.

Red: [narrating] Andy Dufresne - who crawled through a river of shit and came out cleen on the other side.

Red: [narrating] Forty years I been asking permission to piss. I can't squeeze a drop without say-so.

Red: [reading a note left by Andy] Remember, Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.

Fat Prisoner: I'm not supposed to be here! I want to go home! I want my ma! Another Prisoner: Yeah, I had your momma, she wasn't that great!

Hadley: What the Christ is this happy horseshit? Prisoner: Hey, he took the Lord's name in vain! I'm tellin' the warden! Hadley: You'll be tellin' the warden about my baton up your ass!

[Andy has asked Red to procure Rita Hayworth.] Andy Dufresne: Can you get her? Red: It'll take a few weeks. Andy Dufresne: Weeks? Red: Well yeah, Andy. I don't have her stuffed down my pants right now, sorry to say, but relax, I'll get her.

[Watching Rita Hayworth in "Gilda" (qv)] Red: I love when she does that shit with her hair.

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