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Six Days Seven Nights (1998)

Robin Monroe: I've had just about as much vacation as I can stand.

Angelica: It's like after a funeral, everybody has sex.

Frank Martin: I want this to be the most unforgettable vacation of our lives.

Angelica: Look what I bought, Quinny. Quinn Harris: Uh... what is it? Angelica: It's a bikini, silly! Frank Martin: I thought it was an eye patch.

Quinn Harris: There's no deal. We're friends, we have a few laughs...keep it simple. Robin Monroe: Well, has it always been simple or has there ever been anyone complicated? [Quinn gives Robin a nasty look] Robin Monroe: That's a yes! How complicated? On a scale from one to ten. Quinn Harris: Twelve.

Quinn: They come here looking for the magic, hoping to find romance, when they can't find it anywhere else. Robin: Maybe they will. Quinn: It's an island, babe! If you didn't bring it here, you won't find it here!

Robin: I've flown with you twice and you've crashed half the time.

Quinn Harris: You know how a women gets a man excited? She shows up. That's it. We're guys, we're easy.

Robin Monroe: You've always been so confident! Quinn Harris: That's my job, I'm the confident captain. It's not going to help for me to run around waving my arms and screaming, "Oh shit, we're gonna die!"

Robin Monroe: You still look good. Quinn Harris: I still AM good.

Robin Monroe: You're here! Quinn Harris: I decided my life is too simple, I wanna complicate the hell out of it.

Robin Monroe: Pirates? As in "arrrgh"?

[Quinn's hand is in Robin's shorts -- to catch a water snake that swam inside] Robin Monroe: I better not catch you smiling.

Quinn Harris: What's that you're taking? Robin Monroe: Xanax. My doctor prescribed them for situations with tension. I think this qualifies. Quinn Harris: Give me a couple of those.

[Quinn and Robin come across an old plane that crashed on the island] Robin Monroe: This is not a good island for airplanes.

[Waking up in Angelica's bed] Frank Martin: Oh no! What did I do? And how many times did I do it?

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